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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Yokogawa Yokogawa DX1012T-3-4-2/USB1 (dx1012t342usb1)

Yokogawa DX1012T-3-4-2/USB1 (DX1012T342USB1) DAQstation DX1000 with 4 channel.

Yokogawa Yokogawa DX2040T-3-4-2/A5/N1/USB1 (dx2040t342a5n1usb1)

Yokogawa DX2040T-3-4-2/A5/N1/USB1 (DX2040T342A5N1USB1) DAQstation DX1000 with 2 channel.

Yokogawa Yokogawa GX20-1E/UH/US40/CR40 (gx201euhus40cr40)

Yokogawa GX20-1E/UH/US40/CR40 paperless recording panel.

Yokogawa Yokogawa ISC450G (isc450g)

Yokogawa ISC450G Inductive conductivity converter.

Yokogawa Yokogawa MX-DX1012T-3-4-2/A3/USB1 (mxdx1012t342a3usb1)

Yokogawa MX-DX1012T-3-4-2/A3/USB1 (MXDX1012T342A3USB1) touch screen measuring 5.5″. 400MB of internal memory and usb interface.

Yokogawa Yokogawa TCE-NS-DX2040T-3-4-2/USB11 (tcensdx2040t342usb11)

Yokogawa TCE-NS-DX2040T-3-4-2/USB11 (TCENSDX2040T342USB11) touch screen with 400MB internal memory. This item has selectable language options and interface USB with 24 alarm exits / outputs.

Yokogawa Yokogawa EJA530A-FBS4N-02DF/D4/E1 (eja530afbs4n02dfd4e1)

Yogogawa EJA530A-FBS4N-02DF/D4/E1 pressure transmitter.

Yokogawa Yokogawa ALP111-S00 (alp111s00)

Yokogawa ALP111-S00 (ALP111S00) Profibus communication module.

Yokogawa EJA118E

Yokogawa Diaphragm Sealed DP Transmitter.