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Maxi Automation Industrial Automation Supplier

It is specialized in the distribution of products such as: Programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), Drives, HMI ‘s, motors, servomotors, encoders, industrial cables, Numerical Control, Temperature Control and many more.

Leading industrial parts supply company

With Maxi Automation, you can make the purchase of industrial spare parts much easier and faster and with best quality. We are one of the trusted global suppliers of industrial spare parts as we manufacture more precise machineries and equipment.

Best industrial parts and equipment manufacturers

Maxi Automation holds exceptional product knowledge and this will make us to serve high quality products for any customer need. Our services include wide range of industrial machinery parts and its components with quick delivery options.

Maxi Automation

“Committed to offering a variety of products and solutions”

Maxi Automation is the leading automation distributor, and our services are highly intended to deliver a variety of solutions as per customer requirements. We provide end-to-end industrial automation parts, and our purpose is to enhance value to the customers. We aim to be the top niche service providers globally. 

The team at Maxi Automation endeavors to provide timely delivery. Within a given time, we will provide automation spares, automation PLC, servomotors, HMI, servo drives, obsolete parts and many other related products which will help us to continue as the best automation spare parts suppliers. 

Maxi Automation ensures that the components supplied, and the processes involved in the shipment of these leading industrial automation parts are closely monitored and delivered to the customers’ expectations. As the best automation spare parts suppliers, the products we supply are genuine from manufacturer.

Top Brands

We have offices in UK (England), Europe (Hungary) and USA