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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-CNFP (sstpb3cnfp)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-CNFP (SSTPB3CNFP) Profibus conf. And diag console for SST-pb3-xxx, single license, with parallel key.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PICS-PRO (sstpicspro)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PICS-PRO Pics pro with a parallel port key.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-CNFU (sstpb3cnfu)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-CNFU (SSTPB3CNFU) Profibus conf. And diag console for SST-PB3-xxx, single license with USB key.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-ISA (sstpb3isa)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-ISA (SSTPB3ISA) Profibus ISA card, dp v0-v1, 3.3v / 5v, DLL and commdtm license.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-OPC (sstpb3opc)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-OPC (SSTPB3OPC) Profibus OPC da server enable code forSST-pb3-xxx.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-PCU (sstpb3pcu)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-PCU (SSTPB3PCU) Profibus PCI card, dp v0-v1, 3.3v / 5v,dll+commdtm license.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-PCU-2 (sstpb3pcu2)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-PCU-2 (SSTPB3PCU2) Profibus PCI card, 2 channels, dp v0-v1 m/s, univ. PCI 3.3v/5v,dll+commdtm license.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-SLC (sstpb3slc)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-SLC (SSTPB3SLC) Modbus module.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-VME-1 (sstpb3vme1)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-VME-1 Profibus vme 6u card, dp v0-v1, 1 channel.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-VME-2 (sstpb3vme2)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-VME-2 (SSTPB3VME2) Profibus vme 6u card, dp v0&v1, 2 channels.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-CLX (sstpb3clx)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-CLX (SSTPB3CLX) profibus interface module for the Allen Bradley ControlLogix rack.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PBF-PLC5 (sstpbfplc5)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PBF-PLC5 Scanner.

Woodhead Woodhead 15W47 (15w47)

Daniel Woodhead 15W47 AC electrical 3-pin plugs rated at 125V, 15A.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PBMS-PCI (sstpbmspci)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PBMS-PCI SST Profibus dp multislave interface card, PCI 5v bus.

Woodhead Woodhead 5136-SD-ISA (5136sdisa)

Daniel Woodhead 5136-SD-ISA (5136SDISA) SST DH+ and 1771 remote I/O (RIO) card.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PFB-CLX (sstpfbclx)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PFB-CLX Interface controllogix 5VDC/850ma 24VDC/1.75.

Woodhead Woodhead PCI2000PFB (pci2000pfb)

Daniel Woodhead PCI2000PFB Profibus Interface Card.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PFB-PLC5 (sstpfbplc5)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PFB-PLC5 SST comm. Side-car module for PLC5, 1*Profibus.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-ESR2-CLX-RLL (sstesr2clxrll)

Daniel Woodhead SST-ESR2-CLX-RLL (SSTESR2CLXRLL) ethernet communications module.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PFB-SCL (sstpfbscl)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PFB-SCL Module.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-104 (sstpb3104)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-104 Profibus PC/104 card, dp v0-v1, dll+commdtm license.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PFB-SLC (sstpfbslc)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PFB-SLC SST comm. Module for SLC, 1* Profibus dp.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PB3-1SA (sstpb31sa)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PB3-1SA Card display.

Woodhead Woodhead SST-PFB-USB-DTM (sstpfbusbdtm)

Daniel Woodhead SST-PFB-USB-DTM (SSTPFBUSBDTM) profibus DP V1 USB adapter.