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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Vacon Vacon 0100-3L-0038-5 (01003l00385)

Vacon 0100-3L-0038-5 (01003L00385) Flow AC drive rated at 18.5 kW.

Vacon Vacon 60FR08096 (60fr08096)

Vacon 60FR08096 fan assembly.

Vacon Vacon 60FR09912 (60fr09912)

Vacon 60FR09912 cooling fan.

Vacon Vacon 60PP00060 (60pp00060)

Vacon 60PP00060 fan capacitor.

Vacon Vacon 60PP01062 (60pp01062)

Vacon 60PP01062 fan assembly.

Vacon Vacon 60PP01080 (60pp01080)

Vacon 60PP01080 fan.

Vacon Vacon 60PP01093 (60pp01093)

Vacon 60PP01093 capacitor.

Vacon Vacon 60PP01159 (60pp01159)

Vacon 60PP01159 IGBT module.

Vacon Vacon 60PP02020 (60pp02020)

Vacon 60PP02020 fuses.

Vacon Vacon 60S00336 (60s00336)

Vacon 60S00336 DC link capacitor rated at 5600 uF and 420 VDC.

Vacon Vacon 60S00457 (60s00457)

Vacon 60S00457 ASIIC board.

Vacon Vacon 60S00930 (60s00930)

Vacon 60S00930 capacitor rated at 1100uF and 550VDC.

Vacon Vacon NXP03855A0T0SWGA1A20000C3 (nxp03855a0t0swga1a20000c3)

Vacon NXP03855A0T0SWGA1A20000C3 (NXP03855A0T0SWGA1A20000C3) NXP liquid cooled frequency converter rated 3855A.

Vacon Vacon NXS00095A2H1SSSA1A2000000 (nxs00095a2h1sssa1a2000000)

Vacon NXS00095A2H1SSSA1A2000000 AC inverter drive.

Vacon Vacon NXS00225A2H1SSSA1A2000000 (nxs00225a2h1sssa1a2000000)

Vacon NXS00225A2H1SSSA1A2000000 Inverter drive for general propose.

Vacon Vacon NXS00315A2H1SSSA1A2000000 (nxs00315a2h1sssa1a2000000)

Vacon NXS00315A2H1SSSA1A2000000 variable frequency inverter drive.

Vacon Vacon VACON0020-3L-0012-4 (vacon00203l00124)

Vacon VACON0020-3L-0012-4 (VACON00203L00124) high overload, three phase 5.5kW inverter.

Vacon Vacon VACON0020-3L-0016-4 (vacon00203l00164)

Vacon VACON0020-3L-0016-4 (VACON00203L00164) high overload, three phase 7.5kW inverter.

Vacon Vacon 60S00938 (60s00938)

Vacon 60S00938 DC link capacitor.

Vacon Vacon COOLING-HOSE-1500-19 (coolinghose150019)

Vacon COOLING-HOSE-1500-19 (COOLINGHOSE150019) 1.5m cooling hose with G3/4″ male fixed and female swivel connectors.

Vacon Vacon NXC15006A2T0TSGA1A2A5C300 (nxc15006a2t0tsga1a2a5c300)

Vacon NXC15006A2T0TSGA1A2A5C300 Compacted AC drive.

Vacon Vacon NXL00165C2H1SSS0000 (nxl00165c2h1sss0000)

Vacon NXL00165C2H1SSS0000 inverter drive.

Vacon Vacon NXP01055GTH1STSA1A2A50000

Vacon NXP01055GTH1STSA1A2A50000 Unit type: CPGSA1A2A50000 Power unit: PA01055TH1STV .