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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Sharp Sharp CMKM-P3X (cmkmp3x)

Sharp CMKM-P3X (CMKMP3X) automation equipment.

Sharp Sharp GP2Y3A003K0F (gp2y3a003k0f)

Sharp GP2Y3A003K0F (GP2Y3A003K0F) distance measuring sensor with integrated signal processing and analog voltage.

Sharp Sharp LJ512U25 (lj512u25)

Sharp LJ512U25 screen.

Sharp Sharp LJ64OU32 (lj64ou32)

Sharp LJ64OU32 8.9″ TFT LCD operator panel.

Sharp Sharp LM32K071 (lm32k071)

Sharp LM32K071 LCD display.

Sharp Sharp LM32K10 (lm32k10)

Sharp LM32K10 panel LCD display screen.

Sharp Sharp LM64C21P (lm64c21p)

Sharp LM64C21P 10.4 inch LCD screen display panel.

Sharp Sharp LM8V302 (lm8v302)

Sharp LM8V302 7.7 inch LCD panel display screen.

Sharp Sharp LQ064V3DG05 (lq064v3dg05)

Sharp LQ064V3DG05 6.4″ LCD display.

Sharp Sharp LQ084V1DG41 (lq084v1dg41)

Sharp LQ084V1DG41 LCD-TFT panel with 8.4″ display.

Sharp Sharp LQ104V1DG11 (lq104v1dg11)

Sharp LQ104V1DG11 (LQ104V1DG11) 10.4″ touch screen display.

Sharp Sharp LQ10D367 (lq10d367)

Sharp LQ10D367 display 10.5 inch LCD TFT.

Sharp Sharp LQ121S1DG41 (lq121s1dg41)

Sharp LQ121S1DG41TFT (LQ121S1DG41TFT) LCD screen display panel.

Sharp Sharp LQOB101 (lqob101)

Sharp LQOB101 Fluorescent lamp, 2 pack.

Sharp Sharp Z-311J (z311j)

Sharp Z-311J (Z311J) automation equipment.

Sharp Sharp ZW-1HCU (zw1hcu)

Sharp ZW-1HCU (ZW1HCU) PLC system.

Sharp Sharp ZW-32S4T (zw32s4t)

Sharp ZW-32S4T (ZW32S4T) PLC system.

Sharp Sharp ZW-70CU (zw70cu)

Sharp ZW-70CU (ZW70CU) CPU control module.

Sharp LM104VC1T51R

SHARP 10.4 inch 640(RGB)×480 Pixel LM104VC1T51 LCD screen.