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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Semikron Semikron SKKT162/16E (skkt16216e)

Semikron SKKT162/16E thyristor module.

Semikron Semikron SKKT-570/16E (skkt57016e)

Semikron SKKT-570/16E thyristor module, 570A, 1600V.

Semikron Semikron SKKT92B12E (skkt92b12e)

Semikron SKKT92B12E thyristor module.

Semikron Semikron SKM400GB123D (skm400gb123d)

Semikron SKM400GB123D analogue module rated at 1.2KV and 400A.

Semikron Semikron SKIM 250 GD 128 D (skim250gd128d)

Semikron Insulated gate bipolar transistors.

Semikron Semikron SKM400GB-128D (skm400gb128d)

Semikron SKM400GB-128D (SKM400GB128D) IGBT module.

Semikron Semikron SKKE 81/04 (skke8104)

Semikon SKKE 81/04 (SKKE8104) diode module rated at 400V and 82A.

Semikron Semikron SKM75GB123D (skm75gb123d)

Semikron SKM75GB123D IGBT modules.

Semikron Semikron 21HEB063T2 (21heb063t2)

Semikron 21HEB063T2 automation equipment.

Semikron Semikron SKR-100/12 (skr10012)

Semikron SKR-100/12 (SKR10012) stud diode.

Semikron Semikron SKHI22A (skhi22a)

Semikron SKHI22A double driver for halfbridge IGBT modules.

Semikron Semikron SKS900G-W1C 621 V22 (sks900gw1c621v22)

Semikron SKS900G-W1C 621 V22 (SKS900GW1C621V22) thyristor assembly.

Semikron Semikron SKIIP13AC126V1 (skiip13ac126v1)

Semikron SKIIP13AC126V1 (SKIIP13AC126V1) semiconductor 3-phase bridge inverter module.

Semikron Semikron SKT 760/16E (skt76016e)

Semikron SKT 760/16E (SKT76016E) thyrstor module rated at 1600V.

Semikron Semikron SKIIP31NAC12T42 (skiip31nac12t42)

Semikron SKIIP31NAC12T42 IGBT module.

Semikron Semikron SKIIP402GB120201WT (skiip402gb120201wt)

Semikron SKIIP402GB120201WT large IGBT power pack.

Semikron Semikron SKIM300GD126DL (skim300gd126dl)

Semikron SKIM300GD126DL (SKIM300GD126DL) IGBT module.

Semikron Semikron SKKH250/16E (skkh25016e)

Semikron SKKH250/16E thyristor module.

Semikron Semikron SKKH42/08 E (skkh4208e)

Semikron SKKH42/08 E (SKKH4208E) Thyristor/ diode module.

Semikron Semikron SKKQ560/14E (skkq56014e)

Semikron SKKQ560/14E thyristor module.

Semikron Semikron SKKT 330/16E (skkt33016e)

Semikron SKKT 330/16E (SKKT33016E) thyristor diode rated at 330A and 1.5KV.

Semikron Semikron SKM300GB128D

Semikron SKM300GB128D, D 56, N-Channel Series IGBT Module, 370 A max, 1200 V, Screw Mount.

Semikron SKDH116/16-L75

Semikron SKDH11616L75 three Phase Rectifier Bridge with Brake Chopper 14-Pin.

Semikron SKIIP 28AHB16V3

Semikron SKIIP28AHB16V3 IGBT module electronic module.

Semikron SEMIX703GB126v1

Semikron module.

Semikron SKKR800/0.1-BVR

Semikron SEMITRANS TM module.

Semikron SKKR300/0.2-BVR

Semikron SEMITRANS TM module.

Semikron SEMIX353GB126v1

Semikron module.

Semikron SEMiX302KD16s

Semikron SEMiX 2s VRRM 1600 V IFAV 300 A Part Number: 27890800.

Semikron SKKD 162/16

Semikron SEMIPACK 2 Rectifier Diode Modules.