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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Schneider Schneider AM0INE001V000 (am0ine001v000)

Schneider AM0INE001V000 (AM0INE001V000) expansion card.

Schneider Schneider BRS39AW361ACA (brs39aw361aca)

Schneider BRS39AW361ACA Lexium 4.92nM stepper motor, size 90.

Schneider Schneider NR12 (nr12)

Schneider NR12 (NR12) power flow controller.

Schneider Schneider AM0MBP001V000 (am0mbp001v000)

Schneider AM0MBP001V000 (AM0MBP001V000) lexium drive modbus plus communication card.

Schneider Schneider BRS3ACW850ACA (brs3acw850aca)

Schneider BRS3ACW850ACA electric stepper motor.

Schneider Schneider SER397/4L3SS0C0 (ser3974l3ss0c0)

Schneider SER397/4L3SS0C0 (SER3974L3SS0C0) AC servo motor.

Schneider Schneider ATV31HV15M3XA (atv31hv15m3xa)

Schneider ATV31HV15M3XA 3-phase inverter, rated at 1.5kW, 240V, protection class IP20.

Schneider Schneider BRS3ADW851ACA (brs3adw851aca)

Schneider BRS3ADW851ACA Lexium 19.7nM stepper motor, size 110.

Schneider Schneider SM140-30-120-P1-45-S1-B0 (sm14030120p145s1b0)

Schneider SM140-30-120-P1-45-S1-B0 (SM14030120P145S1B0) servo motor rated at 2.87 kW.

Schneider Schneider ATV58HD79N4 (atv58hd79n4)

Schneider ATV58HD79N4 ALTIVAR 58, 440V, 75HP AC drive.

Schneider Schneider BSH0551P01A2A (bsh0551p01a2a)

Schneider BSH0551P01A2A AC servo motor rated at 0.5 N.m, 4000 rpm, protection class IP50.

Schneider Schneider UNYSPUSFUCD70 (unyspusfucd70)

Schneider UNYSPUSFUCD70 IEC Programming Software for Modicon PAC – Unity Pro 7.0 small software package.

Schneider Schneider ATV58HD79N4X (atv58hd79n4x)

Schneider ATV58HD79N4X Altivar inverter drive rated at 400-460V AC without EMC filter.

Schneider Schneider BSH1404P11A2P (bsh1404p11a2p)

Schneider BSH1404P11A2P 3 phase servo motor rated at 380-480V, 4000 rpm.

Schneider Schneider VX5A58D54N4 (vx5a58d54n4)

Schneider VX5A58D54N4 power board for ATV58HD54N4.

Schneider Schneider ATV630C31N4F (atv630c31n4f)

Schneider ATV630C31N4F Altivar Process drive with EMC filter, IP54, rated at 400/480V and 310 kW.

Schneider Schneider ILM1003P11F0000 (ilm1003p11f0000)

Schneider ILM1003P11F0000 servo motor with 5,8 Nm and 3000rpm.

Schneider Schneider ATV71HC16N4D (atv71hc16n4d)

Schneider ATV71HC16N4D Altivar 71 variable speed drive rated at 160 kW.

Schneider Schneider LB1LC03M06 (lb1lc03m06)

Schneider LB1LC03M06 integral starter motor.

Schneider Schneider ATV930D55N4 (atv930d55n4)

Schneider ATV930D55N4 55kW Altivar drive, rated at 400V/480V, protection class IP21.

Schneider Schneider LXM23AU04M3X (lxm23au04m3x)

Schneider LXM23AU04M3X (LXM23AU04M3X) single phase motion servo drive. Rated at 200-255V with a continuous power of 400W.

Schneider Schneider BCH0802011A1C (bch0802011a1c)

Schneider BCH0802011A1C, AC servo motor, 750W.

Schneider Schneider LXM23AU07M3X (lxm23au07m3x)

Schneider LXM23AU07M3X encoder feedback servo drive.

Schneider Schneider BCH0802O12A1C (bch0802o12a1c)

Schneider BCH0802O12A1C servo motor rated at 0.75 kW, 110 V.

Schneider Schneider LXM32AD18M2 (lxm32ad18m2)

Schneider LXM32AD18M2 single phase servo drive rated at 115/230V.

Schneider Schneider BCH0802O32A1C (bch0802o32a1c)

Schneider BCH0802O32A1C incremental encoder, ideal for high performance applications, servo motor.

Schneider Schneider LXM32MD12N4 (lxm32md12n4)

Schneider LXM32MD12N4 3 phase servo drive rated at 50/60Hz.

Schneider Schneider BCH1002O12A1C (bch1002o12a1c)

Schneider BCH1002O12A1C 2kW servo motor with incremental 20-bit encoder, protection class IP40.

Schneider Schneider LXM32MD30M2 (lxm32md30m2)

Schneider LXM32MD30M2 1.6kW AC Servo Drive.

Schneider Schneider BDM4564S0115 (bdm4564s0115)

Schneider BDM4564S0115 motor.

Schneider Schneider LXM32MD30N4 (lxm32md30n4)

Schneider LXM32MD30N4 3 phase AC servo drive.

Schneider Schneider BMH0703T06F2A (bmh0703t06f2a)

Schneider BMH0703T06F2A servo motor, rated at 8000rpm, with brake, protection class IP64.

Schneider Schneider MAX-4/11/03/128/99/1/1/00 (max41103128991100)

Schneider MAX-4/11/03/128/99/1/1/00 (MAX41103128991100) MAX-4 PacDrive rated at 24V DC.

Schneider Schneider BMH1001P11F2A (bmh1001p11f2a)

Schneider BMH1001P11F2A (BMH1001P11F2A) servo motor, IP54 enclosure, 100mm frame size.

Schneider Schneider MC-4/11/10/400 (mc41110400)

Schneider MC-4/11/10/400 (MC41110400) 3 phase servo drive rated at 380-480VAC and 24VDC.

Schneider Schneider BRS397W360ACA (brs397w360aca)

Schneider BRS397W360ACA 3-phase stepper motor.

Schneider Schneider MFM1PSD17N4 (mfm1psd17n4)

Schneider MFM1PSD17N4 MForce micro stepper drive.

Schneider Schneider ATV320U22N4C

Schneider Electric ATV320U22N4C Altivar 320

Schneider Schneider TSXBY100


Schneider Schneider 9012ADW6M12

Schneider Square-D 27.6-206.7 BR PS W/S PG13.

Schneider Schneider LXM32MU90M2

Schneider Electric 1 kW Encoder Feedback Servo Drive & Control, 10.6 A, 480 V.

Schneider Schneider TPMXP107425

Telemecanique Schneider TPMXP107425 Processor.

Schneider Schneider XM300C 50540

Merlin Gerin vigilohm system XM300C

Schneider Schneider XB4BS8442


Schneider Schneider EOCRSS-05S

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC EOCRSS05S Electronic overcurrent relay – 0.5..6 A – 220 V AC.

Schneider Schneider VX5A1400

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC VX5A1400 Fan Control Board.

Schneider Schneider HMIZECOV2

Schneider Electric Protective Cover For Use With HMI HMIGTO 2300, HMIGTO 2310.

Schneider Schneider 50506

Schneider Network insulation monitor XD301 – 115..127 V.

Schneider Schneider 50536

Schneider Network insulation monitor XD312 – 220..240 V.

Schneider Schneider 50508

Schneider Network insulation monitor XD301 – 380..415 V.

Schneider Schneider ACE850FO

Schneider ACE850FO Interface TCP/IP Base 100 fx 59659.

Schneider Schneider AS-BZAE-201

Schneider AS-BZAE-201 ZAE201 ASBZAE201 High Speed Counter 1X50/500Khz.

Schneider Schneider METSEPM5310

Schneider Electric PM5000 3 Phase Digital Power Meter with Pulse Output, 92mm Cutout Height.

Schneider LP5K1210BW3

SCHNEIDER Contactor 24VDC.

Schneider XCKJ50513

Schneider Limit switch XCKJ – steel roller lever – 1NC+1NO – slow-break.

Schneider RM4TU02

Schneider Electric CONTROL RELAY.

Schneider RXM2LB2P7

Schneider Miniature plug-in relay Zelio RXM2L – 2 C/O – 230 V AC – 5 A with LED.

Schneider RXM2LB2BD


Schneider RH10M

Schneider Electric RH10M Vigirex.

Schneider P765CE0A

Schneider ION7550 Standard serial com card, 1 RS232/RS485, 1 RS485, 1RJ45 10/100T.

Schneider 171CBU98090

Schneider Unity M1E processor – RS232/485 – Ethernet – USB – I/O bus.

Schneider 171CCC98030

Schneider M1/M1E processor adaptor – 1 Ethernet, 1 Modbus – 50 MHz.

Schneider MDI4MRQ23B7-EQ

Schneider MDRIVE 23 Plus Stepper Motor.

Schneider BMEP584040

Schneider Electric Modicon M580 PLC CPU, Ethernet Networking, Mini USB Interface.

Schneider BMENOC0311