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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Rechner Rechner KAS-80-30-A-Y5 (kas8030ay5)

Rechner KAS-80-30-A-Y5 (KAS8030AY5) M12 connector.

Rechner Rechner KAS-80-A22-A-K-PTFE (kas80a22akptfe)

Rechner KAS-80-A22-A-K-PTFE (KAS80A22AKPTFE) PNP capacitive sensor.

Rechner Rechner KAS-80-A24-A-PTFE/MS-Y3-NL (kas80a24aptfemsy3nl)

Rechner KAS-80-A24-A-PTFE/MS-Y3-NL (KAS80A24APTFEMSY3NL) capacitive proximity sensor with flange connector.

Rechner Rechner KFA-1-500-UL-Y70 (kfa1500uly70)

Rechner KFA-1-500-UL-Y70 (KFA1500ULY70) capacitive evaluation Unit.

Rechner Rechner KS-250-M32 (ks250m32)

Rechner KS-250-M32 (KS250M32) sensor.

Rechner Rechner KXA-5-1-P-A-MINI (kxa51pamini)

Rechner KXA-5-1-P-A-MINI (KXA51PAMINI) mini capacitive sensor with KXS amplifier and 2m cable also under part 498503.

Rechner Rechner MRS-300-M12-10-S (mrs300m1210s)

Rechner MRS-300-M12-10-S (MRS300M1210S) Magneto resistive sensor.

Rechner Rechner TS-120-NPN-A (ts120npna)

Rechner TS-120-NPN-A (TS120NPNA) transistor amplifier for connection to NUMAR.

Rechner Rechner IAS-10-M5-S REV (ias10m5srev)

Rechner IAS-10-M5-S REV (IAS10M5SREV) Inductive sensor.

Rechner Rechner IS-250-M32 (is250m32)

Rechner IS-250-M32 (IS250M32) proximity switch sensor for LRM 3081.

Rechner Rechner KAS-80-20-A-Y3 (kas8020ay3)

Rechner KAS-80-20-A-Y3 (KAS8020AY3) capacitive sensor.