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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Moxa Moxa CBL-M68M25X8-100 (cblm68m25x8100)

Moxa CBL-M68M25X8-100 (CBLM68M25X8100) Cable with SCSI VHDCI 68 male to 8-port DB25 male connection.

Moxa Moxa CP-168EL-A (cp168ela)

Moxa CP-168EL-A (CP168ELA) 8-port RS-232 PCI Express circuit board.

Moxa Moxa EDS-316 (eds316)

Moxa EDS-316 (EDS316) ethernet switches.

Moxa Moxa EDS-316-M-ST (eds316mst)

Moxa EDS-316-M-ST (EDS316MST) ethernet switches.

Moxa Moxa EDS-510A-1GT2SFP (eds510a1gt2sfp)

Moxa EDS-510A-1GT2SFP (EDS510A1GT2SFP) ethernet switch.

Moxa Moxa EDS-510A-3SFP (eds510a3sfp)

Moxa EDS-510A-3SFP (EDS510A3SFP) ethernet switch.

Moxa Moxa MXview 50 (mxview50)

Moxa MXview 50 (MXVIEW50) industrial network management software with 50 nodes.

Moxa Moxa Nport 5210 (nport5210)

Moxa Nport 5210 (NPORT5210) serial device server.

Moxa Moxa NPort5110A (nport5110a)

Moxa NPort5110A (NPORT5110A) 1 port device server, RS-232, DB9 male, 15KV ESD, 0.5KV serial surge, 12~48VDC, 0~60?C.

Moxa Moxa TCC100 (tcc100)

Moxa TCC100 industrial RS-232/422/485 converter.

Moxa Moxa IMC-21-S-SC

MOXA IMC21SSC Industrial Converter.

Moxa Moxa EDS-405A

Moxa EDS405A Ethernet Switch.

Moxa NPort 5230-T

Moxa 2-port device server with 1 RS-232 port and 1 RS-422/485 port, -40 to 75°C operating temperature. Power supply not included.