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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Moog Moog D128G012-A001 (d128g012a001)

Moog D128G012-A001 (D128G012A001) Power supply with 110V.

Moog Moog D661-4722 (d6614722)

Moog D661-4722 (D6614722) directional valve for pressure up to 350 bar.

Moog Moog E129-115-0D1 (e1291150d1)

Moog E129-115-0D1 (E1291150D1) pump/motor crossover control board.

Moog Moog G123-817-006 (g123817006)

Moog G123-817-006 (G123817006) signal conditioning module to be used with differential transformers.