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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Lenze Lenze 521304

Lenze 521304 brake coil, type N, size 10, 16nM, 103V DC.

Lenze Lenze E82MV152-4B001 (e82mv1524b001)

Lenze E82MV152-4B001 (E82MV1524B001) AC Inverter Drive 1.5kW.

Lenze Lenze 547958

Lenze 547958 Safety relay.

Lenze Lenze E82MV551-4B001 (e82mv5514b001)

Lenze E82MV551-4B001 (E82MV5514B001) 8200 Motec frequency inverter rated at 400V.

Lenze Lenze 831-101 (831101)

Lenze 831-101 control board with LCD display.

Lenze Lenze E82ZAFCC100 (e82zafcc100)

Lenze E82ZAFCC100 function module.

Lenze Lenze E82EV152K4C (e82ev152k4c)

Lenze E82EV152K4C drive inverter frequency 5.5amp 1.5kw.

Lenze Lenze E82ZAFPC001 (e82zafpc001)

Lenze E82ZAFPC001 inverter series 8200 motec – profibus.

Lenze Lenze E82EV222K4C (e82ev222k4c)

Lenze E82EV222K4C inverter series 8200 vector- frequency inverter basic unit: 3-2,20 KW.

Lenze Lenze E82ZAFSC (e82zafsc)

Lenze E82ZAFSC (E82ZAFSC) I/O unit with screw terminals.

Lenze Lenze E82EV251_2B (e82ev2512b)

Lenze E82EV251_2B (E82EV2512B) inverter drive rated at 230/240 VAC.

Lenze Lenze E82ZAFSC001 (e82zafsc001)

Lenze E82ZAFSC001 coated version of the standard I/O module.

Lenze Lenze E82EV371K2C (e82ev371k2c)

Lenze E82EV371K2C single phase AC frequency inverter drive rated at 200/240V, 0.37kW.

Lenze Lenze E82ZAFSC010 (e82zafsc010)

Lenze E82ZAFSC010 function module for 8200 Vector Series.

Lenze Lenze E82EV402K4C (e82ev402k4c)

Lenze E82EV402K4C (E82EV402K4C) 3 phase vector inverter rated at 4kW, 9.5A.

Lenze Lenze E82EV551K2C (e82ev551k2c)

Lenze E82EV551K2C frequency inverter.

Lenze Lenze E82EV551K4C (e82ev551k4c)

Lenze E82EV551K4C inverter series 8200 vector-frequency inverter basic unit -3-055 KW.

Lenze Lenze E82EV552K4C (e82ev552k4c)

Lenze E82EV552K4C inverter series 8200 vector – frequency inverter basic unit -3-5.50 KW.

Lenze Lenze EVD4902-E (evd4902e)

Lenze Inverter.

Lenze Lenze E82EV751-4C (e82ev7514c)

Lenze E82EV751-4C (E82EV7514C) 8200 Vector frequency inverter drive.

Lenze Lenze 00396186

Lenze 00396186 Complete Rotor Type INTORQ BFK458.

Lenze Lenze E82EV751K2C (e82ev751k2c)

Lenze E82EV751K2C AC inverter with integrated filter.

Lenze Lenze 2133B (2133b)

Lenze 2133B ProfiBus DP communication card.

Lenze Lenze E82EV751K2C200 (e82ev751k2c200)

Lenze E82EV751K2C200 vector frequency inverter.

Lenze Lenze 481E1

Lenze 481E1 380V, 50/60HZ, DC drive speed controller.

Lenze Lenze E82EV752K4C (e82ev752k4c)

Lenze E82EV752K4C frequency inverter drive rated at 7.5 Kw.

Lenze Lenze 52.309.08 (5230908)

Lenze 52.309.08 (5230908) gearbox with 140nM output torque rated at 0.55 Kw.

Lenze Lenze E82EV752K4C200 (e82ev752k4c200)

Lenze E82EV752K-4C200 (E82EV752K4C200) 3 phase AC inverter drive rated at 440V.

Lenze Lenze EMF2177I (emf2177i)

Lenze EMF2177I USB adapter system.

Lenze Lenze ESMD371L4TXA (esmd371l4txa)

Lenze ESMD371L4TXA 3 phase AC inverter drive rated at 400/48V, 0.37KW.

Lenze Lenze EVF8212-E (evf8212e)

Lenze EVF8212-E (EVF8212E) inverter drive.

Lenze Lenze EMF2177IB (emf2177ib)

Lenze EMF2177IB PC system bus adapter.

Lenze Lenze ESMD402L4TXA (esmd402l4txa)

Lenze ESMD402L4TXA (ESMD402L4TXA) The Lenze SMD AC drive provides 400V of output current and 4KW of power. A modern AC invertor for universal use.

Lenze Lenze EVF8213-E (evf8213e)

Lenze EVF8213-E (EVF8213E) 3 phase frequency inverter drive rated at 460V with an output power of 3.8KVA.

Lenze Lenze EMZ2221IB (emz2221ib)

Lenze EMZ2221IB card module.

Lenze Lenze ESMD552L4TXA (esmd552l4txa)

Lenze ESMD552L4TXA 3 phase Inverter drive rated at 5.5KW.

Lenze Lenze EVF8214-E (evf8214e)

Lenze EVF8214-E (EVF8214E) 3 phase frequency inverter drive rated at 460V with an output power of 5.2KVA.

Lenze Lenze EMZ8201BB (emz8201bb)

Lenze EMZ8201BB operator terminal for frequency inverter.

Lenze Lenze ESMD751C2YXA (esmd751c2yxa)

Lenze ESMD751C2YXA parameters 220V, 60 Hz, 0.75 kW.

Lenze Lenze EVF9324-EVV004 (evf9324evv004)

Lenze EVF9324-EVV004 (EVF9324EVV004) Profibus-DP.

Lenze Lenze EMZ9371BB (emz9371bb)

Lenze EMZ9371BB keypad operating panel.

Lenze Lenze ESMD751L4TXA (esmd751l4txa)

Lenze ESMD751L4TXA 3 phase AC inverter drive rated at 400/480V, 0.75KW.

Lenze Lenze EVF9326-EV (evf9326ev)

Lenze EVF9326-EV (EVF9326EV) 3 phase frequency inverter drive rated at 400VAC.

Lenze Lenze EMZ9371BC (emz9371bc)

Lenze EMZ9371BC inverter series 8200 vector – accessories operation module XT.

Lenze Lenze ESMD752L4TXA (esmd752l4txa)

Lenze ESMD752L4TXA (ESMD752L4TXA) 7.5kW, 3 phase inverter, rated at 400/480V AC.

Lenze Lenze EVF9330-EV (evf9330ev)

Lenze EVF9330-EV (EVF9330EV) frequency inverter rated at 45kw.

Lenze Lenze EPM-T230 (epmt230)

Lenze EPM-T230 (EPMT230) digital module.

Lenze Lenze ESV453NO4TXB (esv453no4txb)

Lenze ESV453NO4TXB 45kw, AC inverter, 400-480V, 77amp.

Lenze Lenze EVS 9323-EPV 004 (evs9323epv004)

Lenze EVS 9323-EPV 004 (EVS9323EPV004) inverter drive.

Lenze Lenze E82ZAFSC100 (e82zafsc100)

Lenze E82ZAFSC100 I/O module, pluggable terminal version.

Lenze Lenze ERBD033R02K0 (erbd033r02k0)

Lenze ERBD033R02K0 braking resistor rated at 330HM, 2000W, 17kW.

Lenze Lenze ESV752NO4TXD (esv752no4txd)

Lenze ESV752NO4TXD (ESV752NO4TXD) AC frequency inverter with optional plug-in communication modules, rated at 10 HP (7.5 kW), 400-480V operating voltage.

Lenze Lenze EVS 9328 (evs9328)

Lenze EVS 9328 (EVS9328) series 9300 servo position controller.

Lenze Lenze E82ZBC (e82zbc)

Lenze E82ZBC (E82ZBC) panel keypad module rated at 0.25 Kw.

Lenze Lenze ERBM240R200W (erbm240r200w)

Lenze ERBM240R200W (ERBM240R200W) brake resistor rated at 200 watts.

Lenze Lenze EVD4903-E (evd4903e)

Lenze EVD4903-E (EVD4903E) DC Drive.

Lenze Lenze EVS9330-ES (evs9330es)

Lenze EVS9330-ES (EVS9330ES) servo inverter, 55kW, 480VAC.

Lenze Lenze E84AVSCE2224SBO (e84avsce2224sbo)

Lenze E84AVSCE2224SBO 2.2kw panel mounted inverter drive with protection rating of IP20.

Lenze Lenze ERBM370R150W (erbm370r150w)

Lenze ERBM370R150W (ERBM370R150W) brake resistor rated at 150 watts.

Lenze Lenze EVD532-E (evd532e)

Lenze EVD532-E ( EVD532E) speed controller rated at 180 VDC.

Lenze Lenze EZN3-A0080H042 (ezn3a0080h042)

Lenze EZN3-A0080H042 (EZN3A0080H042) mains filter for servo inverter, 42A.

Lenze Lenze E84AVTCE5524VXO (e84avtce5524vxo)

Lenze E84AVTCE5524VXO 5.5kW inverter drive rated at 50-60Hz.

Lenze Lenze ERBM470R050W (erbm470r050w)

Lenze ERBM470R050W (ERBM470R050W) brake resistor rated at 800 VDC.

Lenze Lenze EVF 9324-EV (evf9324ev)

Lenze EVF 9324-EV (EVF9324EV) series 9300 vector drive.

Lenze Lenze FS23939-100-35 (fs2393910035)

Lenze FS23939-100-35 (FS2393910035) filter for 45kw inverter.

Lenze Lenze E84DGDVB15242PS (e84dgdvb15242ps)

Lenze E84DGDVB15242PS L-Force inverter drive, rated at 1.5KW.

Lenze Lenze ESMD113C4TXA (esmd113c4txa)

Lenze ESMD113C4TXA parameters 220V, 60 Hz, 11 kW.

Lenze Lenze EVF8201-E (evf8201e)

Lenze EVF8201-E (EVF8201E) frequency inverter drive rated at 0.37kW.

Lenze Lenze EVF9325EVV004 (evf9325evv004)

Leuze EVF9325EVV004 frequency inverter drive rated at 400/480V AC.

Lenze Lenze E94APNE03641C (e94apne03641c)

Lenze E94APNE03641C DC supply unit.

Lenze Lenze ESMD113L4TXA (esmd113l4txa)

Lenze ESMD113L4TXA Inverter drive rated at 400V and 11Kw.

Lenze Lenze 33.8202-E (338202e)

Lenze EVF8202-E (338202E) frequency inverter 0,75kW.

Lenze Lenze EMB9351-E (emb9351e)

Lenze EMB9351-E 9350 brake units, standard design – 9351.

Lenze Lenze ESMD153L4TXA (esmd153l4txa)

Lenze ESMD153L4TXA Inverter drive rated at 15kW and 400V.

Lenze Lenze EVF8202-E (evf8202e)

Lenze EVF8202-E (EVF8202E) frequency inverter drive rated at 9A, 230V AC, 50/60Hz.

Lenze Lenze EMB9352-E (emb9352e)

Lenze EMB9352-E (EMB9352E) brake chopper rated at 775V DC-bus.

Lenze Lenze ESMD222L4TXA (esmd222l4txa)

Lenze ESMD222L4TXA 3 phase AC inverter drive rated at 400/480V, 2.2KW.

Lenze Lenze EVF8203-E (evf8203e)

Lenze EVF8203-E (EVF8203E) 1 phase frequency inverter rated at 230V AC, 1.5kW, 50/60Hz.

Lenze Lenze EMF2102IBCV001 (emf2102ibcv001)

Lenze EMF2102IBCV001 RS232 interface.

Lenze Lenze ESMD223L4TXA (esmd223l4txa)

Lenze ESMD223L4TXA Inverter drive rated at 22kW and 400V.

Lenze Lenze EVF8204-E (evf8204e)

Lenze EVF8204-E (EVF8204E) single phase drive rated at 230V AC.

Lenze Lenze MDFKARS080-22


Lenze Lenze EVS9325-ES

Lenze 9300 Servo Series 5.5kW AC Servo Drive IP20 with Servo Controller and Standard Mounting 400V AC.

Lenze Lenze E82EV751_2C

Lenze 8200 Vector Drive 0.75KW 200VAC 1/3 phase E82EV751_2C.

Lenze Lenze E94ASHE0134

Lenze Servo Drive 9400 Single Drive Highline.

Lenze Lenze EVD4905-E

Lenze EVD4905E 400V 110A DC Drive.

Lenze Lenze E82ZAFPC010

Lenze E82ZAFPC010 8200 Vector Profibus PT Module.

Lenze Leuze 50111329


Lenze Leuze 50027375


Lenze E84AVHCE5512SB0

Lenze E84AVHCE5512SB0 Frequency inverter Lenze 8400 BaseLine.

Lenze E82MV402_4B001

Lenze 8200 Motec E82MV4024B001 frequency inverter 4 Kw ID. 13218007.

Lenze E82CV152-4C

Lenze E82CV1524C AC Inverter.

Lenze EVS9331-ES

Lenze 9300 EVS9331-ES 55kW Servo Controller.

Lenze E84DGDVB55242PS

Lenze INVERTER Drives 8400 motec Type E84DGDVB55242PS – 5,5kW.

Lenze E82EV113_4C

Lenze E82EV113K4C 8200 Vector Drive 11kW 3PH 400VAC with integrated filter.

Lenze MDSKSRS 040-53

Lenze MDSKSRS04053 AC Servo Motor.

Lenze E82EV302K4C

Lenze 8200 AC Drive vector frequency inverter 3kW 3PH.

Lenze EVF9337-EVV030

LENZE EVF9337EVV030 Frequency Inverter SERIES 9300 VECTOR.