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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Foxboro Foxboro 11GM-AS1 (11gmas1)

Foxboro 11GM-AS1 (11GMAS1) pressure transmitter.

Foxboro Foxboro 871A-4F-3 (871a4f3)

Foxboro 871A-4F-3 (871A4F3) analytical PH sensor.

Foxboro Foxboro IDP10-A10C01F-M1 (idp10a10c01fm1)

Foxboro IDP10-A10C01F-M1 (IDP10A10C01FM1) cell transmitter.

Foxboro Foxboro SRI990-BIMS7ZZZ-Y (sri990bims7zzzy)

Foxboro SRI990-BIMS7ZZZ-Y (SRI990BIMS7ZZZY) analog positioner.

Foxboro Foxboro 871EC-RE0 (871ecre0)

Foxboro 871EC-RE0 (871ECRE0) Electrodeless conductivity sensor.

Foxboro Foxboro IDP10-T22B01F-M1T (idp10t22b01fm1t)

Foxboro IDP10-T22B01F-M1T (IDP10T22B01FM1T) Intel cell transmitter, digital HART & 4 To 20 mA.

Foxboro Foxboro SRP981-BIDLS1NA (srp981bidls1na)

Foxboro SRP981-BIDLS1NA (SRP981BIDLS1NA) Pneumatic positioner.

Foxboro Foxboro 871PH-1A1A-4 (871ph1a1a4)

Foxboro 871PH-1A1A-4 (871PH1A1A4) Foxboro Analytical pH/ORP Sensor.

Foxboro Foxboro IDP10-T24C21F-M2L1 (idp10t24c21fm2l1)

Foxboro IDP10-T24C21F-M2L1 (IDP10T24C21FM2L1) Cell transmitter with output signal 4 to 20 mA.

Foxboro Foxboro U0119TC (u0119tc)

Foxboro U0119TC pressure bellows assembly.

Foxboro Foxboro 871PH-1E1A-4 (871ph1e1a4)

Foxboro 871PH-1E1A-4 (871PH1E1A4) Analytical pH/ORP Sensor.

Foxboro Foxboro IGP10-A22C1F-M1 (igp10a22c1fm1)

Foxboro IGP10-A22C1F-M1 (IGP10A22C1FM1) pressure transmitter, 3-18PSI.

Foxboro Foxboro X0145MJ (x0145mj)

Foxboro X0145MJ O-ring.

Foxboro Foxboro 871PH-1F1A (871ph1f1a)

Foxboro 871PH-1F1A (871PH1F1A) Analytical pH/ORP sensors, automatic temperature compensation for temperatures between 20 To 255 F.

Foxboro Foxboro IGP10-A22D1F (igp10a22d1f)

Foxboro IGP10-A22D1F (IGP10A22D1F) two-wire gauge pressure transmitter.

Foxboro Foxboro 873EC-AIPFGZ-7 (873ecaipfgz7)

Foxboro 873EC-AIPFGZ-7 (873ECAIPFGZ7) Electrodeless conductivity analyzer.

Foxboro Foxboro IGP20-A21D21F-M2X2 (igp20a21d21fm2x2)

Foxboro IGP20-A21D21F-M2X2 (IGP20A21D21FM2X2) gauge pressure

Foxboro Foxboro 11GM-BS2 (11gmbs2)

Foxboro 11GM-BS2 (11GMBS2) pressure transmitter, 0-350PSI.

Foxboro Foxboro 873PH-BIXFGZ-7 (873phbixfgz7)

Foxboro 873PH-BIXFGZ-7 (873PHBIXFGZ7) series pH and ORP sensors electrochemical analyzer.

Foxboro Foxboro IGP20-T24D21F-M2L1 (igp20t24d21fm2l1)

Foxboro IGP20-T24D21F-M2L1 (IGP20T24D21FM2L1) Pressure transmitter with calibrated Range 0 – 300 psi.

Foxboro Foxboro 1GP10-A22E1F (1gp10a22e1f)

Foxboro 1GP10-A22E1F (1GP10A22E1F) Pressure transmitter.

Foxboro Foxboro 875PH-A2F-AC (875pha2fac)

Foxboro 875PH-A2F-AC (875PHA2FAC) conductivity monitor.

Foxboro Foxboro IGP20-TS3D01F-M2L1B1K1 (igp20ts3d01fm2l1b1k1)

Foxboro IGP20-TS3D01F-M2L1B1K1 (IGP20TS3D01FM2L1B1K1) pressure gauge transmitter, 4-20mA & digital HART signal.

Foxboro Foxboro 244LD-SI3R1RNNB1C6-M123 (244ldsi3r1rnnb1c6m123)

Foxboro 244LD-SI3R1RNNB1C6-M123 (244LDSI3R1RNNB1C6M123) intelligent transmitter designed to perform measurements.

Foxboro Foxboro 876PH-TYFA-7 (876phtyfa7)

Foxboro 876PH-TYFA-7 (876PHTYFA7) intelligent transmitter for PH, ORP, and ISE measurement with HART communication protocol.

Foxboro Foxboro IGP25-T22E1F-M1Z1L1 (igp25t22e1fm1z1l1)

Foxboro IGP25-T22E1F-M1Z1L1 (IGP25T22E1FM1Z1L1) Multirange gauge pressure transmitter.

Foxboro Foxboro 43AP-FA46C (43apfa46c)

Foxboro 43AP-FA46C (43APFA46C) pneumatic indicating controller.

Foxboro Foxboro 876PH-TYFN-7 (876phtyfn7)

Foxboro 876PH-TYFN-7 (876PHTYFN7) 2 wire intelligent transmitter with pipe mounting.

Foxboro Foxboro K0141LN (k0141ln)

Foxboro K0141LN memory module.

Foxboro Foxboro 43AP-PA42C (43appa42c)

Foxboro 43AP-PA42C (43APPA42C) Pneumatic indicating controller.

Foxboro Foxboro 910-ED1 (910ed1)

Foxboro 910-ED1 (910ED1) analytical conductivity cells.

Foxboro Foxboro P0120FS (p0120fs)

Foxboro P0120FS O-ring.

Foxboro Foxboro 762CNA-AT (762cnaat)

Foxboro 762CNA-AT (762CNAAT) single station micro controller.

Foxboro Foxboro 9316A-SIBA-TBJ-GN (9316asibatbjgn)

Foxboro 9316A-SIBA-TBJ-GN (9316ASIBATBJGN) Magnetic flowtube.

Foxboro Foxboro P0120ML (p0120ml)

Foxboro P0120ML Function O-ring.

Foxboro Foxboro 762CNA-CT (762cnact)

Foxboro 762CNA-CT (762CNACT) single station micro controller rated at 50/60 Hz.

Foxboro Foxboro C0134CL (c0134cl)

Foxboro C0134CL O-ring.

Foxboro Foxboro P0922YU FPS400-24 (p0922yufps40024)

Foxboro P0922YU FPS400-24 (P0922YU FPS400-24) 24V DC 6 output, I/A series power supply.

Foxboro Foxboro 84W-U04S1SSTJG (84wu04s1sstjg)

Foxboro 84W-U04S1SSTJG (84WU04S1SSTJG) Intelligent vortex flowmeter.

Foxboro Foxboro C0136HZ (c0136hz)

Foxboro C0136HZ relay.

Foxboro Foxboro P0972WU (p0972wu)

Foxboro P0972WU (P0972WU) 1000 base unplink module.

Foxboro Foxboro 84W-U1HS1SSTJG (84wu1hs1sstjg)

Foxboro 84W-U1HS1SSTJG (84WU1HS1SSTJG) Intelligent vortex flowmeter.

Foxboro Foxboro E69F-TI2-JS (e69fti2js)

Foxboro E69F-TI2-JS (E69FTI2JS) Pneumatic converter, input 4-20mA.

Foxboro Foxboro RH916RH (rh916rh)

Foxboro RH916RH Discrete I/O, 32 Channels.

Foxboro Foxboro 870ITPH-FYFNZ-7 (870itphfyfnz7)

Foxboro 870ITPH-FYFNZ-7 (870ITPHFYFNZ7) transmitter.

Foxboro Foxboro GP10-A22C1F-M2 (gp10a22c1fm2)

Foxboro GP10-A22C1F-M2 (GP10A22C1FM2) pressure transmitter, rated at 4-20mA, with LCD indicator and push buttons for calibration.

Foxboro Foxboro RTT20-T1SNQFD-L3 (rtt20t1snqfdl3)

Foxboro RTT20-T1SNQFD-L3 (RTT20T1SNQFDL3) Intelligent i/a series temperature transmitter.

Foxboro Foxboro 760CSA-3A

Foxboro Consotrol 760CSA-3A Single Station Micro Controller.

Foxboro Foxboro IMT25-SEATB21N-B

Foxboro I/A Series Magnetic Flow Transmitter IMT25- Transmitter Uses A Pulse dc Technique To Excite The 8000A, 9300A Series Flowtube Coils And Converts The Low Level Signal Voltage To A Digital, 4 To 20 mA, Or Pulse Output. S- Surface Mount E- English Only A- 85 To 264 V, 47 To 63 Hz T- Digital HART Protocol B- LCD Display with Keyboard 2- Externally Powered, 4-20 mA And Superimposed Digital (600 Baud FoxCom Or 1200 Baud HART) 1- On, Internally Powered N- FM Nonincendive For Use In Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D. Suitable For Use In Class II & III, Division 2, Groups F & G. B- Display/Keypad Clear Plastic Protective Guard (Cover).

Foxboro SGE985-T7EAAN

Foxboro SGE985- Limit Switch Box T: Inductive Switched (Security Version) 7: M20x1.5 With One Plastic Cable Gland, Color Gray, EAA- II 2 G EEx ia IIC T6 According To ATEX N: Order as Auxiliary.

Foxboro 43AP-FA46C/PC

Foxboro 43APFA46CPC pneumatic indicating controller.

Foxboro 43AP-FA42C

Foxboro 43APFA42C Pneumatic Indicating Controller.