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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Eurotherm Eurotherm ER-3200I/32 (er3200i32)

Eurotherm ER-3200I/32 (ER3200I32) DC-Drive, 32 Amp.

Eurotherm Eurotherm ERCFW08 (ercfw08)

Eurotherm ERCFW08 3 phase AC inverter rated at 400 VAC.

Eurotherm Eurotherm ER-PLX115 (erplx115)

Eurotherm ER-PLX115 (ERPLX115) DC Drive Three Phase 2 and 4 quadrant, fully isolated digital.

Eurotherm Eurotherm ER-PLX30 (erplx30)

Eurotherm ER-PLX30 (ERPLX30) single phase DC motor control rated at 30kW, 460V DC.

Eurotherm Eurotherm ER-PLX50 (erplx50)

Eurotherm ER-PLX50 (ERPLX50) DC drive rated at 123 A.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 2216E-CC-VH-LH-XX-XX-2XX (2216eccvhlhxxxx2xx)

Eurotherm 2216E-CC-VH-LH-XX-XX-2XX (2216ECCVHLHXXXX2XX) panel mount temperature controller.

Eurotherm Eurotherm ETH2216E/CC/VH/D3/R1/XX/2DN/ENG/XXXXX/XXXXXX (eth2216eccvhd3r1xx2dnengxxxxxxxxxxx)

Eurotherm ETH2216E/CC/VH/D3/R1/XX/2DN/ENG/XXXXX/XXXXXX (ETH2216ECCVHD3R1XX2DNENGXXXXXXXXXXX) Temperature and process controller rated at 85 to 264 Vac.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 3208/CC/VH/LRDX/R/XXX/S/ENG/ENG (3208ccvhlrdxrxxxsengeng)

Eurotherm 3208/CC/VH/LRDX/R/XXX/S/ENG/ENG (3208CCVHLRDXRXXXSENGENG) process controller with 8-segment programmer.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 3208/CC/VH/RRDX/X/XXX/G/ENG/ENG/XXXXX/XXXXX/XXXXX/XXX XXX/P/1/X/X/X/X/X/X/H/T (3208ccvhrrdxxxxxgengengxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxp1xxxxxxht)

XXXP1XXXXXXHT) temperature/process controller.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 3208/CC/VH/RRRX/R/XXX/W/ENG/ENG (3208ccvhrrrxrxxxwengeng)

Eurotherm 3208/CC/VH/RRRX/R/XXX/W/ENG/ENG (3208CCVHRRRXRXXXWENGENG) process controller with 8-segment programmer.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 4103M (4103m)

Eurotherm 4103M strip chart recorder.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 590A-0700-9-1 (590a070091)

Eurotherm 590A-0700-9-1 (590A070091) DC drive 590 Analogue Series 40 HP.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 590C/350/6/0/0/1/0/00/000 (590c3506001000000)

Eurotherm 590C/350/6/0/0/1/0/00/000 DC drive.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 605/040/400/3/F/0011/UK/000 (6050404003f0011uk000)

Eurotherm 605/040/400/3/F/0011/UK/000 (6050404003F0011UK000) 4kW inverter drive.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 6100A/U06/ (6100au06)

Eurotherm 6100A/U06/ (6100AU06) paperless graphic recorder.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 6901-00 (690100)

Eurotherm 6901-00 (690100) Operator keypad with alpha numeric display for drive.

Eurotherm Eurotherm AI2 (ai2)

Eurotherm AI2 input module, 2500M/AI2UNIV.

Eurotherm Eurotherm G408-0001.V1 (g4080001v1)

Eurotherm G408-0001.V1 (G4080001V1) Isolating signal conditioner?.

Eurotherm Eurotherm LR120 (lr120)

Eurotherm LR120 line reactor for ER-PLX50.

Eurotherm Eurotherm SUB61A 6180 (sub61a6180)

Eurotherm SUB61A 6180 hardware touchscreen, available in silver, green, and black.

Eurotherm Eurotherm T122 (t122)

Eurotherm T122 8 channel high level input isolator.

Eurotherm Eurotherm T2250/L10/F32/ELIN/Serial (t2250l10f32elinserial)

Eurotherm T2250/L10/F32/ELIN/Serial CPU.

Eurotherm Eurotherm T700-0001 (t7000001)

Eurotherm T700-0001 (T7000001) Transpak loop-powered current isolator.

Eurotherm Eurotherm TCS 8263 (tcs8263)

Eurotherm TCS 8263 (TCS8263) programming terminal.

Eurotherm Eurotherm TE10A (te10a)

Eurotherm TE10A analogue power controller for use where voltage and current surges can be expected. Rated at 25A, 480VDC.

Eurotherm Eurotherm TE200 (te200)

Eurotherm TE200 3 phase power controller rated from 0-5VDC to 0-10VDC.

Eurotherm Eurotherm 590P-DRV/0040/500/0010/UK/ARM/0/110/0/AUX/0

EUROTHERM DRIVES 590P-DRV/0040/500/0010/UK/ARM/0/110/0/AUX/0 DRIVE.

Eurotherm TE200A

Eurotherm TE200A analogue input burst firing thyristor.