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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Dold Dold BH5928.92 24VDC (bh59289224vdc)

Dold BH5928.92 24VDC (BH59289224VDC) safety relay module with dual operation for emergency stop and gate safety circuits.

Dold Dold BN3081.63 (bn308163)

Dold BN3081.63 (BN308163) safety relay module rated at 110V.

Dold Dold 0053642

Dold 0053642 safety relay.

Dold Dold BN5930.48/204 (bn593048204)

Dold BN5930.48/204 (BN593048204) emergency stop relay with 3 normally open and 1 normally closed contact.

Dold Dold AD8851 (ad8851)

Dold AD8851 Latching relay.

Dold Dold IK8839.11 (ik883911)

Dold IK8839.11 (IK883911) current monitor 50/60 Hz.

Dold Dold AI898/20 24VDC (ai8982024vdc)

Dold AI898/20 24VDC (AI8982024VDC) insulation monitor.

Dold Dold IL9077 (il9077)

Dold IL9077 Voltage monitoring relay.

Dold Dold AR9058 (ar9058)

Dold AR9058 3 phase monitoring unit.

Dold Dold AI898/20 48VDC (ai8982048vdc)

Dold KG AI898/20 48VDC (AI8982048VDC) insulation monitor.

Dold Dold BA 9040.11/301/60 (ba90401130160)

Dold BA 9040.11/301/60 (BA90401130160) relay.

Dold Dold MK9908.81 (mk990881)

Dold MK9908.81 (MK990881) Timing relay.

Dold Dold BA9036 127VDC (ba9036127vdc)

Dold BA9036 127VDC (BA9036127VDC) Voltage relay, varimeter 127 VDC.

Dold Dold ML9702 (ml9702)

Dold ML9702 Voltage relay.

Dold Dold BA9040.11/0050352 (ba9040110050352)

Dold BA9040.11/0050352 (BA9040110050352) measuring relay.

Dold Dold OW 5669.12/588/61 (ow56691258861)

Dold OW 5669.12/588/61 (OW56691258861) safety relay.

Dold Dold BA9043/002 (ba9043002)

Dold BA9043/002 (BA9043002) 60 hz relay rated at 400 V.

Dold Dold OW5669.12/588/61 DC10V (ow56691258861dc10v)

Dold OW5669.12/588/61 DC10V (OW56691258861DC10V) safety relay.

Dold Dold BA9043/003 (ba9043003)

Dold BA9043/003 (BA9043003) Circuit diagram rated at 220VAC 50-400HZ .

Dold Dold STS-SX01A (stssx01a)

Dold STS-SX01A (STSSX01A) key operated door lock switch.

Dold Dold BA9054 (ba9054)

Dold BA9054 Varimeter voltage relay.

Dold Dold STS-YRX10B01M (stsyrx10b01m)

Dold STS-YRX10B01M (STSYRX10B01M) guard locking switch with key release function.

Dold Dold BD5935 (bd5935)

Dold BD5935 switch interlock rated at 250 VAC.

Dold Dold UH5947.04PS/SI200/61 (uh594704pssi20061)

Dold UH5947.04PS/SI200/61 (UH594704PSSI20061) standstill monitor.

Dold Dold BD5935.48 (bd593548)

Dold BD5935.48 (BD593548) emergency stop module.

Dold Dold ZWS 20 SL (zws20sl)

Dold ZWS 20 SL (ZWS20SL) Resistor 1.6 K 20 W, article number 0012079.

Dold Dold BG5924.04 (bg592404)

Dold BG5924.04 (BG592404) safety relay module 24 VAC/DC.

Dold Dold BG5924.48 (bg592448)

Dold BG5924.48 (BG592448) safety relay rated at 24V DC.