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ManufacturersPart Number Description
Delta Delta DOPB07E415 (dopb07e415)

Delta DOPB07E415 7 inch HMI touchscreen panel.

Delta Delta DOPB10E615 (dopb10e615)

Delta DOPB10E615 10 inch TFT colour touch screen display with 82MB memory.

Delta Delta 06CR2 (06cr2)

Delta 06CR2 power entry module rated at 250V AC.

Delta Delta DPS-185BB (dps185bb)

Delta DPS-185BB (DPS185BB) power supply.

Delta Delta 7132599

Delta 7132599 motor with 40 facets mirror for Rota-Sonde DC 2010, DC 3010, DC 4010 AC power supply.

Delta Delta DTB9696RR (dtb9696rr)

Delta DTB9696RR temperature controller.

Delta Delta 7633201

Delta 7633201 motor with 20 facets mirror for Rota-Sonde DC 2030, DC 3030, DC 4030 AC power supply.

Delta Delta DVP14SS11R2 (dvp14ss11r2)

Delta DVP14SS11R2 (DVP14SS11R2) programmable controller.

Delta Delta AH10EN-5A (ah10en5a)

Delta AH10EN-5A (AH10EN5A) ethernet module.

Delta Delta DVPACAB7B10 (dvpacab7b10)

Delta DVPACAB7B10 cable.

Delta Delta AH32AN02T-5A (ah32an02t5a)

Delta AH32AN02T-5A (AH32AN02T5A) 32 output NPN.

Delta Delta DVPAETB-ID32B (dvpaetbid32b)

Delta DVPAETB-ID32B (DVPAETBID32B) external terminal module.

Delta Delta AHBP12M1-5A (ahbp12m15a)

Delta AHBP12M1-5A (AHBP12M15A) 12 slot backplane.

Delta Delta DVPAETB-OR32B (dvpaetbor32b)

Delta DVPAETB-OR32B (DVPAETBOR32B) terminal module.

Delta Delta AHCPU530-EN (ahcpu530en)

Delta AHCPU530-EN (AHCPU530EN) CPU AH500 ethernet.

Delta Delta AHPS05-5A (ahps055a)

Delta AHPS05-5A (AHPS055A) power supply module.

Delta Delta ASD-A2-1021-M (asda21021m)

Delta ASD-A2-1021-M (ASDA21021M) 220V AC servo, single phase, Modbus.

Delta Delta ASD-CAEN1003 (asdcaen1003)

Delta ASD-CAEN1003 (ASDCAEN1003) encoder cable, 3M.

Delta Delta ASD-CAPW1003 (asdcapw1003)

Delta ASD-CAPW1003 (ASDCAPW1003) motor power cable, 3M.

Delta Delta ASD-CNSC0050 (asdcnsc0050)

Delta ASD-CNSC0050 (ASDCNSC0050) 50 pin I/O signal connector.

Delta Delta DHC24 (dhc24)

Delta DHC24 (DHC24) 24Vdc coil.

Delta Delta DOP-AS38BSTD (dopas38bstd)

Delta DOP-AS38BSTD (DOPAS38BSTD) human machine interface.

Delta Delta VFD015M23A (vfd015m23a)

Delta VFD015M23A AC motor drive inverter, rated at 2HP, 3-phase, 220V, 1500w, 1.5kW.

Delta Delta VFD-022EL43A (vfd022el43a)

Delta VFD-022EL43A (VFD022EL43A) 3 phase inverter drive rated at 380V and 2200W.

Delta Delta VFD022M43B (vfd022m43b)

Delta VFD022M43B (VFD022M43B) AC motor drive, 460V.

Delta Delta VFD037EL43A (vfd037el43a)

Delta VFD037EL43A 3 phase inverter drive rated at 3.7KW.

Delta Delta VFD055E43A (vfd055e43a)

Delta VFD055E43A inverter, three phase, rated at 5.5kW.

Delta Delta VFD185E43A (vfd185e43a)

Delta VFD185E43A sensorless Vector AC frequency inverter drive, rated 380V, 38A, 18.6kW, 25HP.

Delta Delta VFD220C43A (vfd220c43a)

Delta VFD220C43A AC inverter drive, rated 30HP, 460V, 3PH, 45A.

Delta Delta VFD220E43A (vfd220e43a)

Delta VFD220E43A inverter, rated at 22 kW.

Delta Delta ECMA-C10807ES (ecmac10807es)

Delta ECMA-C10807ES (ECMAC10807ES) AC servo motor, rated at 0.75kW.

Delta Delta VFD300C23A (vfd300c23a)

Delta VFD300C23A AC drive with input voltages of 230/460VAC.

Delta Delta ECMA-C21010RS (ecmac21010rs)

Delta ECMA-C21010RS (ECMAC21010RS) encoder, low inertia motor, rated at 3000RPM.

Delta Delta EMC-PG01L (emcpg01l)

Delta EMC-PG01L (EMCPG01L) encoder feedback card.

Delta Delta FFB1224SHE (ffb1224she)

Delta FFB1224SHE (FFB1224SHE) 24V square server fan 1.20 amps.

Delta Delta KPE-LE02 (kpele02)

Delta KPE-LE02 (KPELE02) VFD-E optional keypad.

Delta Delta RMC150E-H2 (rmc150eh2)

Delta RMC150E-H2 (RMC150EH2) Motion controller.

Delta Delta SM30-100D (sm30100d)

Delta SM30-100D power supply.

Delta Delta VFD007L21A (vfd007l21a)

Delta VFD007L21A Inverter.

Delta HS210GXX05F300AEG

Delta HS210GXX05F300AEG Pressure switch.

Delta ECMA-C10604RS

Delta AC Motor Servomotor 3000 RPM 400W Incremental 220VAC.

Delta ECMA-K11315RS

Delta ECMAK11315RS AC Servo Motor, 1.5kW, 480VAC, Med Inertia, Oil Seal, No Brake, Keyway w/Tap, INC 20 Bit.

Delta HS210GDC05H30

Delta HS210GDC05H30 Pressure switch.

Delta DC4510 LP

Delta DC4510 LP 115V with connector and 2 meter cable.

Delta DC4510 LL

Delta DC4510 LL 115V with connector and 2 meter cable.

Delta DC3010

Delta DC3010 115V with connector and 2 meter cable.

Delta DD100571

Delta Deck Work Platform.

Delta ECMA-C30807FS

Delta AC Servo Motor AB Series ECMA-C30807FS 80mm 220V 3000rpm with Brake/keyway 750W 0.75KW.

Delta FFB1324SHE

Delta FFB1324SHE 24V square server fan.

Delta DOP-B07S515

Delta HMI Touch Screen 7 inch 800×600 1 USB Host 1 SD Card.

Delta YDM30200447-17

Delta YDM3020044717 servo motor plug.

Delta NH4-20LS65C7T

Delta NH4-20LS65C7T Servo Encoder.

Delta ASD-A2-4523-L

Delta ASDA24523L Servo Drive.

Delta ECMA-F11845RS

Delta ECMAF11845RS servo motor.