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ManufacturersPart Number Description
B+R B+R 3IF622.9 (3if6229)

B&R 3IF622.9 interface module, 1 RS232 interface,2 RS485/RS422 interfaces: Electrically isolated, network capable, CPU and IF-module insert.

B+R B+R ACOPOS 1090 (acopos1090)

B&R ACOPOS 1090 (ACOPOS1090).

B+R B+R 3PS465.9 (3ps4659)

B&R 3PS465.9 PS465 power supply module.

B+R B+R ECCP60-01 (eccp6001)

B&R ECCP60-01 multicontrol CPU type B, 42Kb ram.

B+R B+R 4PP420.1043-75 (4pp420104375)

B&R 4PP420.1043-75 (4PP420104375) power panel with 10.4″, VGA, color, TFT display with touch screen.

B+R B+R HCMCO2-1H (hcmco21h)

B&R HCMCO2-1H CO-processor OS-9/68020, 25MHz, APU, 1MB.

B+R B+R 5AP981.1043-01 (5ap981104301)

B&R 5AP981.1043-01 (5AP981104301) 10.4 inch colour TFT automation panel AP981 with touchscreen.

B+R B+R X20AI2622 (x20ai2622)

B&R X20AI2622 analogue input module.

B+R B+R 5D5213.01 (5d521301)

B&R 5D5213.01 (5D521301) 18.1″ operator panel.

B+R B+R X20AI4622 (x20ai4622)

B&R X20AI4622 analogue input module.

B+R B+R 5PC600.SX01-00 (5pc600sx0100)

B&R 5PC600.SX01-00 (5PC600SX0100) system unit with DVI monitor and keyboard.

B+R B+R X20AO2622 (x20ao2622)

B&R X20AO2622 analogue output module.

B+R B+R 5PP320.1043-39 (5pp320104339)

B&R 5PP320.1043-39 (5PP320104339) power panel display with touch screen.

B+R B+R X20AO4622 (x20ao4622)

B&R X20AO4622 output module.

B+R B+R 2CP200.60-1 (2cp200601)

B&R 2CP200.60-1 (2CP200601) CPU Module.

B+R B+R 7TB712.91 (7tb71291)

B&R 7TB712.91 analogue output module.

B+R B+R X20AT4222 (x20at4222)

B&R X20AT4222 temperature input module.

B+R B+R 2DO428.6 (2do4286)

B&R 2DO428.6 (2DO4286) digital output module.

B+R B+R 8AC112.60-1 (8ac112601)

B&R 8AC112.60-1 (8AC112601) ethernet interface module with H0 revision.

B+R B+R X20AT6402 (x20at6402)

B&R X20AT6402 analogue input temperature module.

B+R B+R 2DS100.60-1 (2ds100601)

B&R 2DS100.60-1 (2DS100601) CAM encoder module.

B+R B+R 8AC120.60-1 (8ac120601)

B&R 8AC120.60-1 (8AC120601) EnDat encoder interface for installation in ACOPOS servo drives.

B+R B+R X20BC0063 (x20bc0063)

B&R X20BC0063 Profibus DP controller.

B+R B+R 2PS740.9 (2ps7409)

B&R 2PS740.9 (2PS7409) Power supply.

B+R B+R 8MSA5L.E1-D400-1 (8msa5le1d4001)

B&R 8MSA5L.E1-D400-1 (8MSA5LE1D4001) servo motor.

B+R B+R X20BR9300 (x20br9300)

B&R X20BR9300 X2X link bus receiver.

B+R B+R 3AM374.60-1 (3am374601)

B&R 3AM374.60-1 (3AM374601) analog module, 4AI, 4AO.

B+R B+R 8V1016.00-2 (8v1016002)

B&R 8V1016.00-2 (8V1016002) ACOPOS servo drive, 3x 400-480 V, 1.6 A, 0.7 kW, with line filter, braking resistor and electronic secure restart inhibit integrated.

B+R B+R X20D09322 (x20d09322)

B&R X20D09322 (X20D09322) digital output module rated at 24 V.

B+R B+R 3CP152.9 (3cp1529)

B&R 3CP152.9 central processing unit.

B+R B+R 8V1022.00-2 (8v1022002)

B&R 8V1022.00-2 (8V1022002) ACOPOS servo drive, 400-480V, 2.2 A, 1 kW, line filter, integrated braking resistor and electronic secure restart inhibit.

B+R B+R X20DI9371 (x20di9371)

B&R X20DI9371 12 digital input sink connection.

B+R B+R 3CP340.60-2 REV.F0 (3cp340602revf0)

B&R 3CP340.60-2 REV.F0 (3CP340602REVF0) CPU / processor.

B+R B+R 8V1045.00-1 (8v1045001)

B&R 8V1045.00-1 (8V1045001) ACOPOS servo drive rated at 400-480V, 4.4A and 2 kW, with line filter, braking resistor and electronic secure restart inhibit integrated within the drive.

B+R B+R X20DO8332 (x20do8332)

B&R X20DO8332 8 output I/O module.

B+R B+R 3CP34U.60-2 (3cp34u602)

B&R 3CP34U.60-2 (3CP34U.60-2) CP340 CPU.

B+R B+R 8V1045.00-2 (8v1045002)

B&R 8V1045.00-2 (8V1045002) 3-phase, 5Kw servo drive rated at 4.4A, 400/480V, 50/60Hz.

B+R B+R X20DO9322 (x20do9322)

B&R X20DO9322 12 digital output module.

B+R B+R 3IF060.6 (3if0606)

B&R 3IF060.6 interface module 1 insert slot.

B+R B+R 8V1090.00-2 (8v1090002)

B&R 8V1090.00-2 (8V1090002) 4kW, 8.8 amp servo drive.

B+R B+R X20IF2772 (x20if2772)

B&R X20IF2772 (X20IF2772) can bus controller module.

B+R B+R X67DM1321 (x67dm1321)

B&R X67DM1321 X67 digital mixed module, 8 channels.

B+R B+R 8MSA6M.E3-D200-1 (8msa6me3d2001)

B+R 8MSA6M.E3-D200-1 (8MSA6ME3D2001) Acopos servo motor, protection class IP64.

B+R B+R X67BC6321.L08 (x67bc6321l08)

B+R X67BC6321.L08 (X67BC6321L08) X67 bus controller Profibus DP.

B+R B+R X67DM1321.L08 (x67dm1321l08)

B&R X67DM1321.L08 (X67DM1321L08) X67 digital mixed module.

B+R B+R PS475 (ps475)

B+R PS475 power supply module.

B+R B+R X67CA0X01.0100 (x67ca0x010100)

B+R X67CA0X01.0100 (X67CA0X010100) X2X Link 10M connection cable.

B+R B+R X67SM2436 (x67sm2436)

B&R X67SM2436 stepper motor with 38.5 kHz PWM frequency, rated at 24 to 38.5V DC.

B+R B+R X20A04622 (x20a04622)

B+R X20A04622 control system module.

B+R B+R 0TB2105.9010 (0tb21059010)

B+R 0TB2105.9010 (0TB21059010) Connector.

B+R B+R X20AC0SL1 (x20ac0sl1)

B+R X20AC0SL1 locking plate, left.

B+R B+R 0TB2105.9110 (0tb21059110)

B+R 0TB2105.9110 (0TB21059110) Connector.

B+R B+R X20AC0SR1 (x20ac0sr1)

B+R X20AC0SR1 locking plate.

B+R B+R 3A0775.6 (3a07756)

B+R 3A0775.6 (3A07756) output module.

B+R B+R X20BC0083 (x20bc0083)

B+R X20BC0083 bus controller.

B+R B+R 4PP220.1043-75 (4pp220104375)

B+R 4PP220.1043-75 (4PP220104375) Operator interface with 10.4 inch colour touch screen display, rated at 24V DC.

B+R B+R X20BC1083 (x20bc1083)

B+R X20BC1083 power supply module.

B+R B+R 4PP420.0571-K15 (4pp4200571k15)

B+R 4PP420.0571-K15 (4PP4200571K15) power panel.

B+R B+R X20BM11 (x20bm11)

B+R X20BM11 bus module.

B+R B+R 5AP920.1505-01 (5ap920150501)

B+R 5AP920.1505-01 (5AP920150501) 15″ Automation panel AP920, XGA color TFT display with touch screen rated at 24 VDC.

B+R B+R X20BT9100 (x20bt9100)

B+R X20BT9100 I/O supply.

B+R B+R 5CFRD.1024-06 (5cfrd102406)

B+R 5CFRD.1024-06 (5CFRD102406) 2GB compact flash card.

B+R B+R X20CP1584 (x20cp1584)

B+R X20CP1584 interface expansion module.

B+R B+R 5D5212.02 (5d521202)

B+R 5D5212.02 (5D521202) Provit 5000 15″ display unit with touch screen.

B+R B+R X20DC1396 (x20dc1396)

B+R X20DC1396 digital counter module.

B+R B+R 5PP320.0571-39 (5pp320057139)

B+R 5PP320.0571-39 (5PP320057139) Color TFT display with touchscreen.

B+R B+R X20DI6371 (x20di6371)

B+R X20DI6371 digital input module.

B+R B+R 80VD100PD.C022-01 (80vd100pdc02201)

B+R 80VD100PD.C022-01 (80VD100PDC02201) ACOPOSmicro inverter module with POWERLINK interface.

B+R B+R X20PS2100 (x20ps2100)

B+R X20PS2100 input supply module.

B+R B+R 8AC110.60-2 (8ac110602)

B+R 8AC110.60-2 (8AC110602) CAN interface for installation in ACOPOS servo drives.Used for communicating and configuring the servo drive in standard applications.

B+R B+R X20PS9400 (x20ps9400)

B+R X20PS9400 bus controller.

B+R B+R 8AC122.60-3 (8ac122603)

B+R 8AC122.60-3 (8AC122603) Resolver interface for installation in ACOPOS servo drives.

B+R B+R X20TB12 (x20tb12)

B+R X20TB12 6 pin terminal block.

B+R B+R 8BVI0028HWS0.000-E (8bvi0028hws0000e)

B+R 8BVI0028HWS0.000-E (8BVI0028HWS0000E) Acopos multi drive rated at 480V AC.

B+R B+R X20ZF0000 (x20zf0000)

B+R X20ZF0000 module with no electrical function.

B+R B+R 4PP220.0571-A5

B&R Power Panel PP220 5.7″ QVGA color LC-display with touch screen.

B+R B+R 4PP420.0571-B5

B&R 4PP4200571B5 Power Panel PP420; 5.7″ QVGA color TFT display with touch screen (resistive); 2 aPCI slots; 128 MB SDRAM; 512 KB SRAM; CompactFlash slot (type I); ETH 10/100; RS232; 2x USB; IP65 protection (front side); 24 VDC (0TB103.9 screw clamp or 0TB103.91 cage clamp must be ordered separately).

B+R B+R 2NC303.60-1

B&R NC303 2NC303601 PLC.

B+R 4PP045.0571-062

B+R Power Panel PP45 5.7″ QVGA color LC display with touch screen (resistive), 10 touch-keys, 64 MB DRAM, 48 kB SRAM, CompactFlash slot, 1x ETH 10/100, 1x X2X Link, 2x USB, IP65 protection (from front), order program memory separately, order TB103 and TB704 terminal blocks separately.