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ManufacturersPart Number Description
ABB ABB 1SDA063549R0001 (1sda063549r0001)

1SDA063549R0001 shunt closing release, rated at 240V AC-DC T7M-X1.

ABB ABB 1MRK000066-AA (1mrk000066aa)

ABB 1MRK000066-AA (1MRK000066AA) time relay.

ABB ABB 1912JB031100000STD (1912jb031100000std)

ABB 1912JB031100000STD C1900 circular chart recorder.

ABB ABB 129A514G01B (129a514g01b)

ABB 129A514G01B Flexitest switch.

ABB ABB 125-116-01 (12511601)

ABB 125-116-01 (12511601) blue 4.0mm terminal.

ABB ABB 105-051-20 (10505120)

ABB 105-051-20 (10505120) white terminal block, M4/6.

ABB ABB 10005019 (10005019)

ABB 10005019 main cabinet exhaust fan.

ABB ABB 1MRK002136-D (1mrk002136d)

ABB 1MRK002136-D (1MRK002136-D) contact socket.

ABB ABB 086444-003 (086444003)

ABB 086444-003 (086444003) automation equipment.

ABB ABB 1MRK002080-AN (1mrk002080an)

ABB 1MRK002080-AN (1MRK002080AN) supervision relay rated at 110-125V.

ABB ABB 07KT97F1 (07kt97f1)

ABB 07KT97F1 automation equipment.

ABB ABB 1MRK001984-AT (1mrk001984at)

ABB 1MRK001984-AT (1MRK001984AT) auxiliary relay rated at 250V.

ABB ABB 07-KR-264 (07kr264)

ABB 07-KR-264 (07KR264) PLC equipment.

ABB ABB 1MRK001984-AP (1mrk001984ap)

ABB 1MRK001984-AP (1MRK001984AP) auxiliary relay rated at 125 V.

ABB ABB 07DI92 (07di92)

ABB 07DI92 digital I/O module.

ABB ABB 1MRK001602-AN (1mrk001602an)

ABB 1MRK001602-AN (1MRK001602AN) auxiliary relay rated at 110 V.

ABB ABB 07DC92 (07dc92)

ABB 07DC92 digital input/output module, 24VDC.

ABB ABB 1MRK001152-BP (1mrk001152bp)

ABB 1MRK001152-BP (1MRK001152BP) auxiliary relay with 2 break contacts rated at 127 V.

ABB ABB 07AC91 (07ac91)

ABB 07AC91 analog I/O module.

ABB ABB 1MRK001151-BP (1mrk001151bp)

ABB 1MRK001151-BP (1MRK001151BP) relay aux 127VAC, 60HZ 4 contacs, Type RXMB.

ABB ABB 0743505004 (0743505004)

ABB 0743505004 Actuator fluid.

ABB ABB 1MRK001149-BP (1mrk001149bp)

ABB 1MRK001149-BP (1MRK001149BP) relay aux 127VAC, 60HZ 4 Contacs type RXMB.

ABB ABB 02P5000 (02p5000)

ABB 02P5000 diaphragm pump rated at 115/230V & 50/60Hz.

ABB ABB 1MRK000142-A (1mrk000142a)

ABB 1MRK000142-A (1MRK000142A) time relay rated at 110 V.

ABB ABB FPR3313101R1052 (fpr3313101r1052)

ABB FPR3313101R1052 ICSO16N1 I/O remote unit, digital output 24 VDC.

ABB ABB 1MRK000066-AB (1mrk000066ab)

ABB 1MRK000066-AB (1MRK000066AB) time relay rated at 24-250 VAC.

ABB ABB 3BSE018151R1 (3bse018151r1)

ABB 3BSE018151R1 (PM864) AC800M module.

ABB ABB 1SDA007202R1 (1sda007202r1)

ABB 1SDA007202R1 Circuit breaker.

ABB ABB 1SBP260010R1001 (1sbp260010r1001)

ABB 1SBP260010R1001 (1SBP260010R1001) 07KR51 programmable logic controller 24VDC.

ABB ABB 1SBL411001R7500 (1sbl411001r7500)

ABB 1SBL411001R7500 contactor rated at 200V 50Hz / 200-220V 60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SBL141001R8510 (1sbl141001r8510)

ABB 1SBL141001R8510 Contactor A9-30-10 rated at 380-400V50Hz and 400-415V60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SAX611001R1101 (1sax611001r1101)

ABB 1SAX611001R1101 EF370-380 Electronic overload relay.

ABB ABB 1SAM201901R1001 (1sam201901r1001)

ABB 1SAM201901R1001 front mount.

ABB ABB 1SCA105004R1001 (1sca105004r1001)

ABB 1SCA105004R1001 front operated switch-disconnector. IP20.

ABB ABB 1SBN163504R1000 (1sbn163504r1000)

ABB 1SBN163504R1000 contact set for block contactors.

ABB ABB 1SBL407001R1300 (1sbl407001r1300)

ABB 1SBL407001R1300 AF96-30-00-13 Contactor 100-250V 50/60HZ-DC.

ABB ABB 1SBL141001R8010 (1sbl141001r8010)

ABB 1SBL141001R8010 Contactor.

ABB ABB 1SAX601904R0001 (1sax601904r0001)

ABB 1SAX601904R0001 LT320E terminal shroud.

ABB ABB 1SAJ590000R0102 (1saj590000r0102)

ABB 1SAJ590000R0102 (1SAJ590000R0102) LCD Panel for UMC100-FBP rated at 24 VCD.

ABB ABB 1SCA022627R1390 (1sca022627r1390)

ABB 1SCA022627R1390 HRC fuse link.

ABB ABB 1SBN152410R8806 (1sbn152410r8806)

ABB 1SBN152410R8806 coil for block contactors rated at 230-240V 50Hz / 240-260V 60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SBL371001R8311 (1sbl371001r8311)

ABB 1SBL371001R8311 contactor rated at 48V, 50/60Hz, type A63-30-11.

ABB ABB 1SBL141001R8001 (1sbl141001r8001)

ABB 1SBL141001R8001 contactor.

ABB ABB 1SAX211001R1101 (1sax211001r1101)

ABB 1SAX211001R1101 Overload relay.

ABB ABB 1SAJ530000R1100 (1saj530000r1100)

ABB 1SAJ530000R1100 universal motor controller, supply 110-240V AC/DC, type UMC100.3.

ABB ABB 1SCA022627R1210 (1sca022627r1210)

ABB 1SCA022627R1210 HRC fuse link.

ABB ABB 1SBN151410T4206 (1sbn151410t4206)

ABB 1SBN151410T4206 coil for block contactors rated at 230-240V 50Hz / 277V 60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SBL367001R1300 (1sbl367001r1300)

ABB 1SBL367001R1300 DC Contactor AF52-30-00-13 100-250V50/60HZ.

ABB ABB 1SBL137001R1310 (1sbl137001r1310)

ABB 1SBL137001R1310 3 pole contactor coil AF09-30-10-13 rated at 100-250V, and 50/60HZ-DC.

ABB ABB 1SAR212100R0211 (1sar212100r0211)

ABB 1SAR212100R0211 1 relay contact rated at 24 VDC.

ABB ABB 1SAJ520000R0101 (1saj520000r0101)

ABB 1SAJ520000R0101 universal motor protection an control device for 3 phase motors rated at 24V DC.

ABB ABB 1SCA022627R1120 (1sca022627r1120)

ABB 1SCA022627R1120 HRC fuse link.

ABB ABB 1SBN151410R8406 (1sbn151410r8406)

ABB 1SBN151410R8406 Operating coil ZA16 rated at 110-120V, and 60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SBL351001R8411 (1sbl351001r8411)

ABB 1SBL351001R8411 3 pole contactor rated at 22Kw and 110V.

ABB ABB 1SBL101001R2610 (1sbl101001r2610)

ABB 1SBL101001R2610 contactor rated at 230V, 50/60Hz, (AS09-30-10-26).

ABB ABB 1SAP250100R0001 (1sap250100r0001)

ABB 1SAP250100R0001 PLC AX521 analog I/O module with 4 inputs and 4 outputs rated at 24VDC.

ABB ABB 1SAJ510002R0002 (1saj510002r0002)

ABB 1SAJ510002R0002 motor control panel extension with 3 meter cable.

ABB ABB 1SCA022533R0370 (1sca022533r0370)

ABB 1SCA022533R0370 4 pole, 25A multi step switch with Black handle and front plate.

ABB ABB 1SBN010140R1122 (1sbn010140r1122)

ABB 1SBN010140R1122 auxiliary contact block.

ABB ABB 1SBL351001R8011 (1sbl351001r8011)

ABB 1SBL351001R8011 motor proctection and control contactor, rated 220-230V, 50hZ.

ABB ABB 1SBH141001R8031 (1sbh141001r8031)

ABB 1SBH141001R8031 contactor relay.

ABB ABB 1SAP240500R0001 (1sap240500r0001)

ABB 1SAP240500R0001 Input/Output module rated at 300W, 24DC.

ABB ABB 1SAJ510000R0600 (1saj510000r0600)

ABB 1SAJ510000R0600 3 phase universal motor controller with 3 relay outputs and 6 digital inputs, (UMC22-FBP.0).

ABB ABB 1SCA022533R0290 (1sca022533r0290)

ABB 1SCA022533R0290 3 pole, 25A multi step switch with black handle and front plate.

ABB ABB 1SBN010120R1011 (1sbn010120r1011)

ABB 1SBN010120R1011 1NO & 1 NC side mounting auxiliary Contacts for AF09 – AF96.

ABB ABB 1SBL321001R8001 (1sbl321001r8001)

ABB 1SBL321001R8001 block contactor rated at 220-230V, 60A, type A40-30-01.

ABB ABB 1SBH137001R1322 (1sbh137001r1322)

ABB 1SBH137001R1322 DC relay rated 250V and 50/60HZ.

ABB ABB 1SAP180300R0001 (1sap180300r0001)

ABB 1SAP180300R0001 TA521 lithium button cell set for data buffering.

ABB ABB 1SCA022381R0240-OHB80J6 (1sca022381r0240ohb80j6)

ABB 1SCA022381R0240-OHB80J6 (1SCA022381R0240OHB80J6) black plastic handle, 80mm.

ABB ABB 1SBN010040R1131 (1sbn010040r1131)

ABB 1SBN010040R1131 top-mount auxiliary block.

ABB ABB 1SBL281001R8010 (1sbl281001r8010)

ABB 1SBL281001R8010 AC contactor rated at 240 V-AC.

ABB ABB 1SAZ721201R1052 (1saz721201r1052)

ABB 1SAZ721201R1052 TF42-29 thermal overload relay, 29A.

ABB ABB 1SAP130100R0270 (1sap130100r0270)

ABB 1SAP130100R0270 24VDC PLC with LCD display.

ABB ABB 1SCA022257R5950 (1sca022257r5950)

ABB 1SCA022257R5950 3-phase load break switch, rated at160A.

ABB ABB 1SBN010040R1122 (1sbn010040r1122)

ABB 1SBN010040R1122 top-mount auxiliary block.

ABB ABB 1SBL281001R8001 (1sbl281001r8001)

ABB 1SBL281001R8001 A30 contact block, 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SAZ721201R1051 (1saz721201r1051)

ABB 1SAZ721201R1051 TF42-24 thermal overload relay, 24A.

ABB ABB 1SAP130100R0170 (1sap130100r0170)

ABB 1SAP130100R0170 PM571-ETH A Central Processing Unit 64kB 24VDC.

ABB ABB 1SCA022168R1420 (1sca022168r1420)

ABB 1SCA022168R1420 fuse base.

ABB ABB 1SBN010040R1022 (1sbn010040r1022)

ABB 1SBN010040R1022 auxiliary contact block, type CA5-22E.

ABB ABB 1SBL281001R7510 (1sbl281001r7510)

ABB 1SBL281001R7510 contactor, rated 200V, 50/60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SAZ721201R1047 (1saz721201r1047)

ABB 1SAZ721201R1047 TF42-16 thermal overload relay, 16A..

ABB ABB 1SAP111100R0170 (1sap111100r0170)

ABB 1SAP111100R0170 CPU terminal base for TB511-ETH.

ABB ABB 1SBP260174R1001 (1sbp260174r1001)

ABB 1SBP260174R1001 control panel programmable with 10 function keys.

ABB ABB 1SBN010040R1018 (1sbn010040r1018)

ABB 1SBN010040R1018, CA5-11/11E auxiliar contact block.

ABB ABB 1SBL277001R1300 (1sbl277001r1300)

ABB 1SBL277001R1300 3 pole contactor rated at 100-250V and 50/60HZ-DC.

ABB ABB 1SAZ721201R1045 (1saz721201r1045)

ABB 1SAZ721201R1045, TF42-13 thermal overload relay, 13A.

ABB ABB 1SAM450000R1003 (1sam450000r1003)

ABB 1SAM450000R1003 manual motor starter, MS450-25.

ABB ABB 1SBP260162R1001 (1sbp260162r1001)

ABB 1SBP260162R1001 modbus coupler rated at 24 VDC, type 07KP53.

ABB ABB 1SBN010010R1010 (1sbn010010r1010)

ABB 1SBN010010R1010 CA5-10 auxiliary contact block.

ABB ABB 1SBL241001R8110 (1sbl241001r8110)

ABB 1SBL241001R8110 contactor.

ABB ABB 1SAZ721201R1043 (1saz721201r1043)

ABB 1SAZ721201R1043 TF42-10 thermal overload relay, 10A.

ABB ABB 1SAM401904R1001 (1sam401904r1001)

ABB 1SAM401904R1001 signal contact, 1NO/1NC.

ABB ABB 1SBP260103R1001 (1sbp260103r1001)

ABB 1SBP260103R1001 (XM06B5) analog input/output module, 24VDC.

ABB ABB 1SBN010010R1001 (1sbn010010r1001)

ABB 1SBN010010R1001 CA5-01 auxiliary contact block.

ABB ABB 1SBL241001R1310 (1sbl241001r1310)

ABB 1SBL241001R1310 Coil A26-30-10 with 10V, 50Hz and 12V,60Hz.

ABB ABB 1SAZ711201R1040 (1saz711201r1040)

ABB 1SAZ711201R1040 T16-7.6 thermal overload relay.

ABB ABB 1SAM350000R1015 (1sam350000r1015)

ABB 1SAM350000R1015, MS132-32 Manual motor starter.

ABB ABB 1SDA014217R1 (1sda014217r1)

ABB 1SDA014217R1 stored energy operating motor for Sace S6-S7 circuit breakers.

ABB ABB 1SBP260101R1001 (1sbp260101r1001)

ABB 1SBP260101R1001 Digital output module 8DO relay rated at 230V AC/DC, 2A.

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